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Caribbean Cruise Lines
Cruise Ship Photos from Dominica
Caribbean cruise ships at the picturesque green shores of the Caribbean island of Dominica.

I like to watch Caribbean cruise ships. At early morning, it is not possible practically to remove eyes from the vivid blue Caribbean sea, which is crossed by few dazzling white cruise ships. It seems, they are just toys, but this feeling is replaced to absolutely opposite, when the cruise liners are approaching to the capital of our island and majestically tower over its small two-floor houses. An about hour later, the population of the capital will be increased in several times - tourists from cruise ships will go to ashore.

They have only one day to see our wonderful island, where nature is preserved in its primeval purity since the time of Colombus: the world's second largest boiling lake, sulfur springs, cool waterfalls, impenetrable tropical jungle, black sand beaches, warm and clean Caribbean sea, one of the world's best diving, snorkeling, whale watching, and many other activities, which will not leave indifferent any nature lover.

And at the evening I watch how the passengers of the departing cruise ships standing on the deck and watch how our island of treasures disappear. Their cruise ship slowly moving away to the horizon, where sunset blossom with all colors.

One day I will buy ticket too on one of these cruise ships and will go to a trip around all of Caribbean islands: I will see all countries during one trip, get enjoy from the staying on the board of this floating hotel, take all of its services and entertainment. In the meantime I am looking which one of the cruise ships is better?

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